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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 08 . 09 . 19


I will not end this series and let you go without putting in your arsenal one of the greatest truths that will give you a glorious ride in the journey of fulfilling destiny. Today, I want to let you know that every obstacle you find along your path in the journey of an effective life can definitely be converted into a miracle for you, only if you make the right choices and take the right steps. Please endeavour to have absolute concentration as you read this piece and learn some of the most important principles of living a maximum life.

Many years ago, there was a man called Ajayi who was a much respected man in Igbo-Ora. Everybody knew him to be a good farmer in the sense that he didn’t have the biggest farmland, but his proceeds were always bigger and more impressive than that of his contemporaries. Ajayi was a very smart man (maybe the smartest in the whole land) his bountiful yield was attributed to this and the meticulous nature with which he handles his plants. On many occasions, he had saved dying species of certain plants because of his expansive knowledge of flora, and his farming skills.

On a particular day, Ajayi was taking a nap in his room when he heard his daughter’s scream pierce the air, he jumped up and went to see what was wrong. When he got there, he found Adefuye (the Crown Prince) towering over his half-naked daughter. Adefuye noticed his presence but defied it and continued his assault on the girl. Ajayi became so furious and he landed a heavy slap on Adefuye’s face; he was so overcome with rage and at that moment that he didn’t care about the consequences. Almost everyone in the village knew of Adefuye’s ways from personal experience, but Ajayi thought he may possibly get away with just a little reprimand.

However, when the King heard about the issue, Ajayi got the maximum punishment for hitting Adefuye; he was stripped of his house and farmlands, and he was sent out of the village (along with his family) with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Ajayi couldn’t believe it, he’d given so much for Igbo-Ora and nobody could stick-up for him or even argue on his behalf. After all he had done to save the land from hunger, he was thrown out like a common thief; his name disgraced forever and his family shamed.

Ajayi and his family settled down far away from civilisation and not long after, he started farming in the lands around him. He put the disappointment of the past behind him and he worked hard, he learned more about plants and before long, he was way more knowledgeable than he was when he was exiled. However, because his name had fallen into disrepute, he couldn’t sell his proceeds anywhere in the lands; all he could do was store up his yield. This continued for six years, and in the seventh year of his exile, a great famine came upon Igbo-Ora and all the lands around them. The citizens started to revolt against their King; they blamed him for not planning ahead, they also blamed him for exiling the man who always saved the village from occurrences such as these, Ajayi.

A search party led by some Chiefs left Igbo-Ora to seek out Ajayi. When they found him, they begged him profusely, “Please come back Ajayi, Igbo-Ora needs you, our people are dying of hunger.”

After much plea, Ajayi agreed to follow them only on one condition; that he’d be made King on arrival. The people acquiesced without hesitation. When Ajayi returned with the tons of foods he’d stored over the years, he received a hero’s welcome, and people sang his name all over the lands; he’d returned to save them. His name, formerly disgraced, became everyone’s favourite song. He turned his obstacle into a miracle and he went on to save lots of people from hunger and death.

“Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them. And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure. If you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next”—Ben Carson

When Ajayi was ostracized from the village, it felt like the greatest obstacle to greatness that he would ever experience in life just happened to him; however, he decided not to lose hope in himself. Through hard work, he converted the greatest obstacle of his life into a miracle. He did not allow his obstacle to be a containing fence as to what he could achieve with his life; he instead saw it as a mere hurdle and he received strength to confront what was ahead. He gained so much strength from his obstacle that he converted that into storage of farmland produce that could feed an entire town for many months; no wonder he was desperately needed!

Have you allowed any obstacle succeed in stopping you from living your life effectively? Has a challenge made you give up hope – that your life can never amount to anything substantial? I have good news for you; you can convert that obstacle into a miracle and make your life effective.

Ajayi could have let his head drop and give up when he was banished from his home town. He didn’t, rather, he decided he was still going to do something with his life. He was engaged in mass production even without being sure of who was going to need his products. Those who want to live an effective life do not allow obstacles stop them from producing results with their lives, even when situations do not look promising.  Ajayi converted his obstacle into a stepping stone and saw it as an opportunity to develop more skills. In the end, his exile, which was supposed to be a disappointment by all accounts became a blessing; it became the ladder with which he climbed to the top. Therefore, do not allow any obstacle stop you from living an effective life; never see obstacles as the end of the road. Obstacles will always come as opportunity to maximize your destiny; and this opportunity can only be taken advantage of if you decide to be positive enough through it to keep adding value to yourself.


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