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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

“I Must Say Of All Your Books, This Well Researched, Articulated Masterpiece Is My best”

from: 24 . 02 . 20


DSA, I want to sincerely thank you for all the efforts you put in at giving us your book titled “HOW TO MAKE NIGERIA THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD”. Recently I bought twenty-eight (28) titles of your new books among which is one titled “How to Make Nigeria the Greatest Country in the World.” I just finished reading the book and Wow! I must say that of all your books I have read so far to date (because I have virtually read all your books written in English), this well researched, articulated masterpiece is my best.

Firstly, reading this book did four quick things in my life:
1. It made me be proud to be a Nigerian.
2. It opened my eyes to see that there is hope for our country Nigeria.
3. It made me know that Nigeria is a blessed country filled with men and women with great talent and potentials that are needed all over the world.
4. It opened my eyes to know that as Nigerians, even though we are black, we are not inferior to the whites.

DSA, you can’t believe it, this is one book I picked to read and I started marking, underlying, highlighting and striking keywords from the introduction to the end. I almost wore out the book.

Secondly, reading this book gave me a clear understanding of why many Nigerians are asking that you come and contest election in Nigeria as President. I want to agree with them that you do that because, going through the book I can see the heart of a man who truly knows his country, the people and their way of life.

DSA, even if you don’t contest for election as the President of Nigeria, I think the government of Nigeria can begin to consider appointing you as the Special Adviser (SA) to the President on Developmental Matters. Why do I say so you may ask; the reason is that you already have the manual, that is the book.

The following are my deductions/recommendations/counsel after reading this book:

i. I will like to re-title the book to read “NIGERIA, PEOPLE, AND CULTURE”.
ii. The book should get into the hands of every school operator (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions).
iii. The content of the book should be divided into 3 sections to form what I will like to call “A SYLLABUS” for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions respectively.
iv. The book should be adopted by the Ministry of Education in Nigeria and then recommended as a must-read book for all pupils and students.
v. The book should be recommended to all Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria to be adopted for their(General Studies) GST/GNS Courses both in the first year and the final year respectively.
vi. The book should get into the hands of every Nigerian Politician especially those that believe in the entity called Nigeria and have a dream of transforming the nation to look like other developed nations.
vii. The book should be used to motivate our fresh graduates at their National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Orientation Camp. This will give them hope about Nigeria, and possibly stop them from trying to escape out of the country on completion of the program.

Also, I want to give you Sir (DSA) the following counsel:
A. All of the fellows whose achievements and exploits were recounted in the book should be contacted in person or in writing to be part of the Nigeria Transformation Project (The one you are spearheading)
B. You should set up a University in Nigeria which will serve as harvest basket for these brains with you serving as the President of the University.
C. If the University is set up, these great professionals can be coming as visiting lecturers or some of them can even come back finally to give out their knowledge by lecturing in the Institution..
D. You can set up a kind of specialized “Language University”. This will help showcase the various languages in Nigeria.

DSA, I can go on and on. I will like to say to all Nigerians, “This book is the road map we all need to arrive at our Rehoboth as a nation”.

I am eagerly waiting for the release of your books “WHY COUNTRIES FAIL AND THE ROLE OF THE ELITE IN NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION” because I know both of them will be a “bomb”.

Thank you so much for giving us this masterpiece for national transformation.


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