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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

My Interview With The Nation Newspaper On Nigeria And The Church. – Part 8

from: 28 . 07 . 15


There is no product without the process of production. We tell people they can get something by faith, to only believe. We tell them to just give offerings. We teach them about faith offering. We teach them about tithe and offering. Not that I don’t believe in tithe and offering, but that is not the way of receiving wealth. It is the way of preventing curses from coming to your resources.

For you to really have wealth, giving tithes and offerings are not enough. Tithes and offerings open up heaven to you, God doesn’t send money from heaven. You have to go to work and be involved in the process of production. It is only that way wealth and riches will come to you. But we don’t teach that much in our churches. We just tell them to come to church and believe God. We say, the man of God will pray for you, just give him seed offering or prophetic offering. We believe that once he prays for you, that is what matters and it’s only Gods favor that does it.

The same God whose name we are using, had set up rules and order in nature. It is God that created work. It is God that created the process of production. It is God that created all the rules and laws of life that we all need to abide by. But we always overemphasize the dependence on faith while we under-emphasized the role of hard work and diligence.


For The  Love Of God Church And Nation!

One Comments to “My Interview With The Nation Newspaper On Nigeria And The Church. – Part 8”
Thanks a lot sir for allowing God to use you to bring stability to the church. Indeed for some time, the church has preached an unbalanced gospel with much emphases on miracles and with very little on principles. I only started reading your blog over the past few weeks. I have learned a lot already and now I'm now a huge fan of yours. Keep up the good work God is using you to accomplish in the body of Christ and the nations of the earth.

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