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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

My Interview With The Nation Newspaper On Nigeria And The Church. – Part 11

from: 04 . 08 . 15


Another faulty teaching is that we tell people only God can help Nigeria. We tell people to just keep on praying. It is not true that we only need to pray to fix things. We have been praying in Nigeria. Probably Nigeria is the most praying country in the world. Why is God been silent to our prayers? Why is it that God has not been responsive? It’s not because God is wicked or God is not compassionate or doesn’t like Nigeria. It is because we are using the wrong medicine on the wrong sickness. It’s like you are having cancer and somebody is giving you tablets for headache. It will just make your case worse, and it won’t give you any relief.

We have not told the truth to our people, our churches have not told the truth to our country. The people in government are also religious people. Some of them believe in the same unsubstantiated nonsense that is coming from our pulpit. The churches are not ready to educate the populace. I think we must set our country free from these erroneous teachings. We must hold the church leaders and the major denominations of this nation responsible for these wrong teachings.

Instead of our churches to help our people get free from the claws of superstitions, we are rather creating our own superstitions in the church. Most of the faith in our churches that we call Christianity today is all based on superstition.

I was talking to one pastor who told me he was in the village, coming back to the city on Friday. But he was telling everybody that he will leave on Monday. I said to him you are a man of God, why are you not telling the truth? I know you are leaving on Friday, why are you telling people that you are leaving on Monday? He said ah! This is Nigeria, you don’t tell people your plans, because anything could happen. They could go and wait for you on the road.

This is a famous man of God that is teaching people on the television everywhere, having so much followership. Millions of people respect him, yet he is more driven by fear than faith. Although he said he doesn’t believe in Satan, but his action tells me that he believes more in the power of Satan, witches and wizards, than in the power of God that he represents and the gospel that he preaches.

All these kinds of superstitions are littered all over our land. So many other erroneous teachings too that I cannot begin to go into now. Those are the things that hinder development and economic growth in a nation.


For The  Love Of God Church And Nation!

2 Comments to “My Interview With The Nation Newspaper On Nigeria And The Church. – Part 11”
Good message!!!!!
Pastor Sunday. God bless u sir. I follow you on fb and get to see your post but sir, with all due respect you need to clarify some of the teachings you post. "You said that we pray a lot in Nigeria yet we see no changes, " that it's because we aren't doing the right thing and you didn't specify the right thing to be done. You moved to erroneous teachings and you didn't mention these teachings in order for us to have clear understanding of your points. You moved after wards to superstitious beliefs. I would have loved that you focus on each of this points and deal with them in details e.g you should teach prayers in details and bring out how its done wrongly and show the correct way to do it because I know you won't say we should stop praying . You should also point out the erroneous teachings and show us the truth according to the scriptures and do same to the superstitious beliefs. All these things I mentioned, the scriptures have it's position concerning them and that is what we would love to know. God bless u sir. Thanks

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