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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 17 . 06 . 21


I had waited for a considerable amount of time before I decided to write on this subject, only because I was waiting to see what the response of the Igbo intellectuals and elites would be. It is my belief that silence is the worst reaction at a time when a nation is boiling in protest and demonstrations. Sometimes, it does not matter what your position is either for or against, but one thing is sure, you must let the world know it. That is the position of truth. Truth demands that we speak up our minds when the need calls for it. Apart from the factor of truth, love for one’s own people also demands for one’s voice to be heard. I personally think that the deafening silence of most Igbo elite does not help the matter. At a time like this it can only hurt the cause and the fate of the Igbo people.

“Do not fear your enemies. The worst they can do is kill you. Do not fear friends. At worst, they may betray you. Fear those who do not care; they neither kill nor betray, but betrayal and murder exist because of their silent consent.” – Bruno Jasienski

Why do I believe the silence of the Igbos could hurt the Igbo interest? My argument is simple. When the rest of the nation; the Hausas, Fulanis, Tivs, Ijaws, Ibibios, Angas, Idomas, Igalas, Edos, Efiks, etc. are watching all day long how tens of thousands of Igbo people are calling for a break away from their country, what do you think their feelings should be?

We all know how some of these agitators call Nigeria names, especially the radio Biafra broadcastings. What do you think should be the feelings of those who still refer to themselves as Nigerians? Don’t you think they could take the name calling personal?

This is the best time for the prominent Igbos to speak, especially those who still wish to stay with Nigeria. Even in the case of a Biafran secession, some of these Igbo elites would still probably stay back to live among the different Nigerian ethnic groups. If they do not speak out now, the people will definitely remember their silence which could provoke a series of reciprocal actions.

The tragedy of Germany started also in a similar way just as what we are witnessing right now with Nnamdi Kanu. Adolf Hitler built his whole career on his oratory abilities just like Nnamdi Kanu. In the case of Hitler he had an assistant who specialized in this act of brainwashing the minds of their people. Oh, how Germany paid dearly for not stopping the excesses of their so called supreme leader. They lost over 10 million people as a result of the foolishness of one person and his deceived followers. Joseph Goebbels, using his well oiled propaganda and deception machineries drove Germans to frenzy with Hitler’s unrealistic ambitions just as we see Nnamdi do today.

Hitler and Goebbels practically made Germans believed a lie that they were unfairly treated by the other European powers after the First World War. The German people were told they were being marginalized and oppressed by the victorious countries of the First World War. Through their deceptive antics they made Germans to believe that they are a special race, wiser than all other nationalities. Can you see the same pattern as Nnamdi Kanu now. Kanu is a narcissist and a psychopath just like Hitler, they feed on same or similar sentiments, Hitler kept repeating outrageous statements about how they are a special race and how they must get their justice back until his people fell for it. Hitler was once quoted as saying that what a joy it is for rulers that masses don’t think, I can see Nnamdi Kanu also rejoicing that his people are gullible enough to believe him.

Just like Kanu today, Hitler and his followers called other races names, for example Caucasian Whites, pigs, Kanu says Nigeria is a zoo and those living there meaning Nigerians are baboons. The emotions of Germans ran wild, as they built their castles in the air, thinking they are so wise, powerful, and they can’t be defeated. Goebbels was reported to have once said, “…when you tell a lie a 1000 times it becomes truth”, it’s clear IPOB disciples have been brainwashed to act in exactly the same manner, unfortunately the end of such illusion is always catastrophic.

It suffices that the prominent Igbos speak now while the protests are going on otherwise the natural reaction from other Nigerians could be “if you don’t want us, if we are as bad as the Biafra radio is saying, why are you here among us, what are you doing here? If your people don’t want us we too don’t want you.”

Even this is not the worst case scenario, God forbid some zealous pro United Nigerians could actually begin a pogrom similar to what was witnessed in the north before the 1967 civil war. That is the kind of thing we saw in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Congo DRC, South Africa, etc. Remember, we are all people. There is a limit to how long people can hold their feelings. Don’t you think other Nigerians are hearing the voices of resentment, rejection and name calling coming from the Biafran camp? That could lead to a response, as Sir Isaac Newton said, every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.

All of this could be neutralized though, through the actions of sober minded Igbo people who are a lot in this country. If at this time such people begin to balance things up by telling other Nigerians that the voices of hate don’t speak for them, it will make other people know there are Igbo people out there who don’t have any antagonistic feelings towards them. More so, if these Igbo intellectuals go a step further by letting other Nigerians know that this does not have anything to do with them, this could also help mellow the sentiments.

The reason I am writing all this friends, is that I don’t want a repeat of the massacre we have already witnessed in this country. All hands must be on deck. Everybody must play a role to help Nigeria avoid the kind of outbreak of ethnic clashes that happened especially in the northern part of Nigeria. I feel one of the major keys to this is for as many Igbo people as possible, particularly those who are living among other Nigerian ethnic groups to begin to speak out now about their stance. I have a feeling that one day this posture will become a refuge for the Igbo people living in other parts of the nation, their Noah’s ark. So let the better informed Ndigbo take over to correct the less informed narratives that has hijacked the public opinion against the Igbos.

For The Love Of God, Church And Nation,

Dr. Sunday Adelaja.


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