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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 09 . 06 . 21

The Coming Civil War In Igboland.

The Igbo community has been a blessing in every part of Nigeria, including the north where there has been a form of massacre of the Igbo people and the Christians in general. Yet in spite of that, it is hard to claim injustice and marginalization just against the Igbo people as a policy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Neither can the Igbo people claim that the other 371 tribes and nationalities of Nigeria have conspired to discriminate against them. That cannot just be true, otherwise they would not have their businesses virtually in every town and village in Nigeria. As small as my village is, with only about 40 or so houses, our commerce is being controlled by the Igbo people and we are happy about it.

Now, let’s learn a lesson of wisdom from an adage that says when we are loved, we often think that it is because we are good that is why we are loved. But in the real sense it is those who love us that are good. So also is the case when we are received and accepted by other people, we often think that we are accepted because we are so good. Sometimes we think it is because we are smarter than the other people, other times we think it is because we are the only gifted people around, that is why we are accepted, but maybe not all the credit belongs to us. Maybe we should just as well give some credit to the people who are tolerating us. Do you think that aspect should be considered as well?

I am afraid that my brethren that are agitating for Biafra might just have fallen into this trap of thinking that they are better than other Nigerians. In the real sense that could be so in some things, but they too must admit that other Nigerian tribes, nationalities, people groups, might just have areas where they too are better. We are all people; meaning in some things we are better than others, and in some things we are not as good as others. This is how God has created life and this is how He has created diversity. God has made us to be diverse so that we can learn from each other. Meanwhile, there is no way we will be able to learn or receive from each other until we admit that others too are better than we are in some areas.

I am not a prophet neither am I the son of a prophet, but as a servant of God I would like to give a word of warning to my brethren who are agitating for Biafra. I wish to sound an alarm in your ears that we should learn from history. I can almost guarantee you by the Spirit of God that if Biafra eventually gains independence and breaks away from Nigeria, a civil war might soon ensue within Biafra itself. Besides God’s Spirit, my assertion is backed by history, both the past and present.

It is no news to Nigerians that our Igbo nation is probably the most divisive nationality within itself. No wonder when Enugu state was carved out of the old Anambra state, the division within the Igbo people came out with sirens blaring. The desire to have all the national cake of the state “only for our own people within our state” prompted the leadership of the then Enugu state to evict the Igbo people of Anambra state from their civil service. Such was the blatant demonstration of division even within the Igbo people that the indigenes of Anambra were sent back to their state. If not for the restraint Nigeria provides, we could have long witnessed a civil war between Enugu and Anambra people, or between Ebonyi and Abia people. If not for the federal government factor I’m afraid even within Anambra state, politicians would have turn the state into a theatre of war like in Liberia, South Sudan, or Sierra Leone.

If all these controversies are only a matter of states, what will happen when it is real national cake within Biafra itself? I hear all the time how my friends from Imo state complain about Anambra people. People from Abia state who are Igbos also attack Anambra people. The same is also true of the people from Enugu and Ebonyi. Everybody fighting for their own piece of cake. Nowhere was this more evident than recently when the a past governor of Abia State, Theodore A. Orji, sacked workers from Ebonyi, Anambra, Imo and Enugu from the state’s work force. This right here is a scenario that could repeat itself over and over again in the future Biafra state, leading to all out war within Biafra enclave. I personally know people from south south who have vowed to take up arms to defend their land from any Biafra’s attempts to include their states into a Biafra confederation. People in Port harcourt tell horrible stories of how they were discriminated against by the Igbos when it was a regional government with Igbo hegemony. They don’t want a repeat of such, the same thing could be heard from Calabar and Akwa Ibom people, which is why they turned against Biafra during the civil war. Igbo as well as all other nationalities in Nigeria don’t need another war, but if the IPOB agent prevails over the Igbo nation, then I fear for the consequences.

It is difficult to see how the Igbo people would manage to find a place for all their teeming population to return from all over parts of Nigeria if the states are already fighting over jobs and employment only for their indigenes. What will happen when suddenly millions of people have to come back home without jobs, housing or occupation? It is scary to imagine what would begin to happen within the Biafra nation. Students of contemporary history will tell us that this is the exact scenario of what happened in South Sudan. The civil war that ensued as a result of their independence is still going on as I am writing within the South Sudan Republic itself.

IPOB is another possible source of civil war among Ndigbo. The issue is Nnamdi Kanu is breaking down the cultural basis of the Igbo society which will sooner or later lead to a head on collision with the larger culture. Kanu is addressed as the Supreme Leader and people prostrate or kneel before him to receive blessings or prayers with the laying of hands. I remember my Igbo friends used wonder how the Yoruba culture could allow individuals to prostrate before ordinary mortals and they’ll always tell me that this is unacceptable among the Igbos. But Kanu is trampled that wonderful Igbo culture under his feet. How can Kanu adopt the title of Supreme Leader among a people who never had all powerful kings, a people who reached every decision through a general assembly, otherwise called Ohanaeze? “Supreme Leader” is used in countries like Iran and North Korea, where the leader has power over life and death; where nobody questions the authority or decision of the leader. This is a picture of the Biafra Nnamdi Kanu is dreaming of having, even the Nigeria of today with all its faults has not descended into this abysmal type of practices. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that should in case he becomes the future leader of Biafra this will definitely lead to another civil war among the Igbos themselves.

As much as I understand the Igbo culture Ndigbo don’t follow a man who knows it all, a mini god image of a leader, Kanu should stop behaving like a god. The Igbo exhibit the highest level of respect for their elders but I think they find it repulsive to kneel down, prostrate to greet their elders or leaders. That as I was told  is reserved only for the Almighty. A few people have even called him their “messiah”, with some claiming that they were cured of their illnesses after he prayed for them. This is yet another potential cause of conflict in the future for the Igbos, especially since Kanu sees himself no more a christian but a Judaism Rabbi, this in Igbo land where most people see themselves as believers in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This could end up in a major civil war in Igbo land, especially bearing in mind the rebuke from Kanu against those Igbos who attend various christian churches where the founders are not Igbos.

In psychology the studies of patterns help us to determine the mode of behaviour of the subject in the future or in a given situation. From what we can observe from Nnamdi Kanu of today, he is a deeply troubled soul who won’t listen to any person apart from himself, clearly if things don’t go his ways he will initiate to kill his opponents, just like he is doing already. His Unknown Gunmen are busy killing police and military officers, can you imagine what he will do when he is in power or given a free hand, he will become like Osama Bin Laden, unleashing terror upon all his distractors. I can say it with confidence because I know how much threats I’m receiving on a daily basis just because I’m writing these articles. His IPOB members come to my inbox with all sorts of threats to my life, imagine what they’ll do to people in their vicinity. Killing of military personnel even in Biafra land or any other country is a script for disaster. In a future Biafra republic that alone could lead to a civil war. Nnamdi Kanu is not a hero or leader, he is a terrorist, he is no freedom fighter, he is an imposter and an opportunist, let’s say things the way they are, he is a catastrophe waiting to happen in a grand scale upon the Igbo people, hence he must be stopped urgently.

In short, Ndigbo is better of in a United Nigeria where we all could come together to resolve our differences in the spirit of unity and brotherhood. I am convinced that a United Nigeria is what is preserving the Igbo land from all round confrontations and war for all kinds of reasons.

For The Love Of God, Church And Nation,

Dr. Sunday Adelaja.


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