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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 11 . 06 . 21

Igbos – The Biggest Beneficiaries Of A United Nigeria.

I have said several times in my earlier articles that none of our ethnic groups is marginalised in Nigeria, this is simply a narrative that politicians and opportunists use to manipulate their people. Today I’m going to supply as many as possible statistics on Nigerian states by regions and how they benefit from the so called national cake. It’ll surprise you to see that the most privileged regions in Nigeria are not the northern regions, but rather eastern regions, basically the southern part of Nigeria. As a matter of fact if any region should claim marginalisation it should be the north, not the south. Please take a good look at these figures since facts and figures don’t lie and you’ll see that the biggest beneficiaries of the Nigerian union is the southeast and the Igbo people

Number of Federal Civil Servants state by state.

  1. Abia 3579
  2. Adamawa 1727
  3. Akwa Ibom 4416
  4. Anambra 3576
  5. Bauchi 1172
  6. Bayelsa 957
  7. Benue 3951
  8. Borno 1822
  9. Cross River 2681
  10. Delta 4419
  11. Ebonyi 865
  12. Edo 3890
  13. Ekiti 2613
  14. Enugu 2695
  15. FCT 533
  16. Gombe 1218
  17. Imo 5825
  18. Jigawa 675
  19. Kaduna 3199
  20. Kano 1545
  21. Katsina 1237
  22. Kebbi 875
  23. Kogi 5186
  24. Kwara 2537
  25. Lagos 2180
  26. Nasarawa 1452
  27. Niger 2193
  28. Ogun 4669
  29. Ondo 3393
  30. Osun 3321
  31. Oyo 3244
  32. Plateau 2542
  33. Rivers 1675
  34. Sokoto 732
  35. Taraba 1112
  36. Yobe 744
  37. Zamfara 543

This illustration below might show a better clarity

NE with a population of 19.0m has 7,793 civil servants

NW with a population of 35.8m has 8,806 civil servants

SE with a population of 16.4m has 16,540 civil servants

NC with a population of 20.3m has 17,661 civil servants

SS with a population of 21.0m has 18,038 civil servants

SW with a population of 27.6m has 19,620 civil servants

We can further make it clearer by showing how many employees are taken from every one million people in each of the geographical zones.

The result is:

1st. SE has 1,009 Employees per million

2nd. NC has 970 Employees per million

3rd. SS has 859 Employees per million

4th SW has 711 Employees per million

5th NE has 410 Employees per million

6th NW has 246 Employees per million

Here we can see that South Eastern Zone has over 1000 people engaged in the public service of Nigeria in every 1 million Igbo people, whereas only 246 people are engaged in North West. Remember that this is the Zone of the President of Nigeria. Curiously South West, the Zone of the Vice President is the least in Southern Nigeria with the employment of 711 people in a million.


I guess it’ll be interesting for you to see the trend as regards Political Office holders.

Probably, those that lost out in the Public Service, are compensated with Political offices.

NW has 51 political appointees from 7 states

NC has 47 political appointees from 6 states

NE has 45 political appointees from 6 states

SW has 45 political appointees from 6 states

SS has 45 political appointees from 6 States

SE has 41 political appointees from 5 states

These translate to:

1st. SE: 2.50 appointees in a million.

2nd. NE: 2.37 appointees in a million.

3rd. NC: 2.34 appointees in a million.

4th. SS: 2.14 appointees in a million.

5th. SW:1.63 appointees in a million.

6th. NW:1.42 appointees in a million.


1st. SE: has 1 appointee in every 400,000

2nd. NE: has 1 appointee in every 422,000

3rd. NC: has 1 appointee in every 427,000

4th. SS: has 1 appointee in every 467,000

5th. SW: has 1 appointee in every 614,000

6th. NW: has 1 appointee in every 704,000

Once again topping the list of Beneficiary is South East with one political appointee for every 400,000 people. As if it is an intentional act, NW, from whence the President hails has the least of 1 political appointees for every 704, 000 people while the figure for Osinbajo’s Zone is 614,000 and is the least in the South.  (Credit to Dr Joe Abah – DG, Bureau of Public Service, Ebonyi state.)

A marginalized group is not given the right to be actively involved in the political life of the country. This obviously is not happening in Nigeria, because the Igbos have their own governors, they vote for their governors, the people who rule over them are of their ethnic groups. Some people will claim that those who rule over them came as a result of corruption; well that happens all over Nigeria, not just among the Igbos in the Igbo land. In marginalized societies, the marginalized groups are not allowed to send their children to school or receive higher education, I don’t believe this is happening in Nigeria. In that sense, only the poor people are marginalized in Nigeria; since the Igbo people control the economy, they are surely not marginalized.

The marginalized group are not allowed to speak their native languages. Tell me who stopped the Igbos from speaking their language? The marginalized group are not allowed to practice their religion. Are the Igbos not allowed to practice their religion? A marginalized group are not allowed to carry out socio-economic activities on the level of the privileged groups. Are the Igbos not allowed to carry out socio-economic activities on the same level as everyone else?

In marginalized societies, a discriminated groups are not allowed to intermarry with the privileged groups, we simply don’t have that in Nigeria. As I have mentioned above, even my family is intermarried with Igbo people. My cousin Bode who is like a twin brother to me, married an Igbo girl and paid the full bride price or dowry as the case may be. Marginalized people are not allowed to have a voice in the mass media: newspapers, television or radio. Igbos don’t just have that right in their own state, but even in most of the other states in Nigeria where the majority are not Igbos. Igbos are allowed to have their voice in the media all over Nigeria. I am not saying there are no cases of marginalization here and there, but this will be in individual cases not a systematized thing in the federal government of Nigeria against the Igbo people.

If we are to look at a list of marginalized people groups in our world today, we will see that we cannot compare what these people are going through to what the Igbos are enjoying in the Nigerian nation.

The biggest indigenous motor manufacturing company in Nigeria is owned by an Igbo man, more so it is situated in the heart of Igbo land itself, if it had been in the north or Lagos some could say it’s not benefiting the east. Yes some people are complaining that Nigerian government is not doing enough for this company called Innoson. They refuse to do their research because it’s in public space that the owner of the company openly expresses his gratitude and admiration to the present Nigerian federal government, saying he has received more support from them than from previous state or federal government. Some others complain why is the government not forcing all government agencies to buy only Innoson cars as their official cars. My question is why can’t the Anambra state do the same, even though the Nigerian army, police and other agencies have already done so.The biggest indigenous airline (Air Peace) is owned by an Igbo man, the owner of this entity is one of the most patriotic Nigerians I’ve ever seen, more so he loves and is grateful to this present administration of Muhammadu Buhari as a regime that has greatly enhanced his business.  So my friends I only writing for honest and sincere analytical thinking people, those who want to know the truth about Nigeria and how things stand in relations to all ethnicities in our country. The facts are there in the open, if you are a true lover you’ll find them.

For The Love Of God, Church And Nation,

Dr. Sunday Adelaja.


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