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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

SHOCKING!! List Of Nigeria’s Richest Politicians Revealed By The FBI.

from: 08 . 05 . 16

This list of richest politicians in Nigeria was compiled by the American FBI. It will shock you to know that Nigeria was currently listed first among the top 10 corrupt countries in the world. One wonders where these Nigerian rich politicians got their wealth from.


Would you classify these Nigerian richest politicians among the top billionaires in Nigeria like Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Femi Otedola e.t.c who we know got their wealth through business and investment, or rate them among the corrupt leaders in Nigeria who continually drain the economy of Nigeria at the expense of the suffering masses just to be wealthy.

Without much ado, below are the list of Richest Politicians in Nigeria and their Net Worth as revealed by the FBI

1. Rochas Okorocha – $1.4 billion

2. Kwankwaso – $1.15 billion

3. Shettima – $1.1 billion

4. Nyako – 805 million

5. Ibrahim – $798 million

6. Amaechi – $757 million

8. Abdulaziz – $626 million

9. Oshiomole – $625 million

10. Aregbesola – $513 million

11. Almakura – $510 million

12. Wamako – $476 million

13. Fashola – $448 million

14. Amosun – $442 million

15. Ahmed- $437 million

16. Ajimobi – $422 million

From the above list, you can see that Rochas Okorocha is the richest politician in Nigeria. Well, those are the list of richest politicians in Nigeria as released by the American FBI. What do you think about the list?

EX: nigerianinfopedia

16 Comments to “SHOCKING!! List Of Nigeria’s Richest Politicians Revealed By The FBI.”
Why all these? Everybody is praying to be rich even u that compiled this list. To me is unnecessary, if any of them is caught with the wealth of the nation or the wealth was in gotten and you have proves to show the world, go ahead but if not, this is just mear envy and jealousy and should be made null n avoid tnx.
Stfku you f**l. Are you so insensible? The list was compiled by FBI
Which fbi, how can you think so myopic.
This post reminds one of the dangers and disadvantages of internet, especially Facebook: Any fool can post any trash and that would be expected to be believed and shared by natural fools like them without questions or check.
Shameless people in a land blessed by God who at same time plucked common sense out of the leaders. You have all this money and your neigbour is hungry. That country should be ruled again by colonial masters until they mature enough to be independent. Being no 1 most corrupt country in the world is not an achievement. Someday they will die and live all the money. I urge them to repent before its too late
All these kind of Nigerian money in the USA how much is left in Nigeria
Having these few names makes the genuinty of this story I believe the cook up is the handi work of some people trying to tell us the half story....Nigerians are much more interested in the full story.....the list is longer than this
So because the blog mentioned FBI, we are automatically supposed to believe the story. Many of these politicians in the list were already wealthy before becoming governors... Naijacracy is not for the poor... Anyway if this is true, they will face the music if PDP should ever come back to power.
For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul to hell fire. No problem, 'if it is true' they are the one turning the economy of this nation upside down, hell is waiting for them. Hunger, tears, no salary,death, in places
my contribution in this revelation is that,first of all I must commend mr president for his good work,its has been long,I didn't hear this type of stores of stealings,all these hug amout of dollars that has been stagged to the foreign banks should be repatriated to our country Nigeria,thieves tomorrow wl vote them again,this kind of money is more than enough to put lights in Nigeria,(corruption) is much in Nigeria,and that's only problem we hv,as tym goes on we wl hear another big news naa,these people are heartless,many cant boost of 3 square mills in Nigeria,just imagine.
By rough calculations the cumulative figure stand at $10.509 trillion.... Yesus!!! this money can provide scholarship to entire Nigerian students from the Nursery school to any higher level of education home and Abroad, create jobs for the unemployed youths, provide health facilities to the countless moribond patients in our hospitals, our rural or peasant farmers struggling with one or two bags of fertilizers to raise crops for these ungrateful politicians that are depending on the same masses of there votes. Why are Nigerians so wicked and heartless? With the same money during polical campaign they will used it against you and You beg for what belongs to you. God is truly a patience God. May God touch there heart towards repentance.
You can imagin how much they are worth while the masses are living from hand to mouth
If all these stolen monies were to be be invested in Nigeria, we wouldn´t be having much problem with unemployment. these are just current politicians, those under previous administrations including military juntas would be mind boggling
With all these information now, how are we going to get this moni back into our economy
If I am not trying to defend someone, I would say categorically that someone like Rochas Okoroacha was already known as one of the richest Nigerian before he became a governor. The same FBI have datas on the dates of such bank transactions. The truth of the matter is that this articles did not specifically states that such money were looted from Nigeria but indicated it as richest governors based on the money they detected in their bank account. Others have hidden theirs under soakaway of a toilet system. Some burry it in a casket like a dead person. I am blaming them because yet these ones will open their mouth to accuse Buhari of shortage of capital in circulation. If half of the above mentioned money is in Nigeria market, things would have been better for almost all in the business cycles. Thank you.

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