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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

These Organizations Are Empowering Nigerian Girls and Women Through Technology.

from: 25 . 02 . 17

Two charity organizations (one small, one large) are partnering together to empower young girls and women in Nigeria by helping them become more adept at utilizing technology.

According to, Theirworld Inc. (a global charity) and the Oando Foundation (an independent charity) have teamed up to create Code Clubs, an innovative initiative geared toward empowering Nigerian women and girls by teaching them valuable technological skills.

“With a safe space to learn and play, a mentor to inspire, and access to technology to be able to explore, create, and code we can increase learning opportunities and empower girls to fulfill their potential,” said Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld Inc.

Many STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) jobs are being created on the African continent. However, discrimination based on gender and class is still prevalent there. This causes many women and girls from poor, rural regions to be locked out of the landscape, which is creating a wealth of economic opportunities in Africa.

“Over 600 girls aged six to twenty-five in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania will join the Code Clubs in its pilot phase with the aim of reaching thousands more with its self-sustaining model,” wrote Fumnanya Agbugah, a reporter and contributor.

The Oando Foundation, the Nigerian-based charity partnering with Theirworld Inc. to launch Code Clubs is also excited about the potential of this new, continental initiative.

“Oando Foundation is using this strategic partnership to enhance its commitment to Information and Communications Technology  (ICT) education particularly for the girl child; with a medium term target of having Code Clubs in every Oando Foundation adopted school across Nigeria impacting over 60,000 girls lives,” said, Ade Adegoke, head of the Oando Foundation.

Code Clubs is a positive step in the right direction to break the cycle of global poverty.


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