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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 18 . 09 . 19

Dear DSA,

I sincerely appreciate you for taking out time to reply to my email from your intensely busy schedule.

I have been following you since 2015 when I came across your YouTube channel. I am so immersed in your work. I have listened to over 200 of your videos and read over twenty of your books which I bought from Lagos.

I would also like to tell you that I have been selling some to my training center in Abuja to my mentees and community.
I plan to place a large order directly from your office soon once I commence my radio program, a platform to extend my mission. I will recommend the books to my listeners as a ‘Must Read’ incentive in exchange for a free service in consulting, coaching and mentoring in business, career, finance, investments, personal and national development.

Sir, I have experience in each of the areas I listed and I plan to share my stories in detail when I visit you next year if you are not yet in Nigeria.

Let me share my Lifestyle experiences with you.

I was formerly addicted to cocaine, marijuana, cigarettes, alcohol, pornography, masturbation and prostitutes. Also, I was a drug seller, gun trader, secret cult member, and a murderer among other wicked vices, I was supernaturally delivered by God (NO PASTOR PRAYED TO DELIVER ME BUT GOD: THAT IS WHY I BELIEVE YOUR MESSAGES ON THE KINGDOM IS ABOVE THE CHURCH)

I was set free from these vices over 20yrs ago, and have since graduated as an Engineering student from the University Of Port Harcourt Nigeria.

I have been using my testimony to win souls to the kingdom. I worked as a minister in RCCG in 1999, House on The Rock Church between 1999-2005 and the last of all, Christ Embassy between 2005-2012 where I had a disagreement with my senior pastor. He insisted I collect a seed (money) from a woman who had 4 children and no husband, and that I had to buy groceries for. Because of this, I stopped going to any church until 2014 when the Lord pressed in my heart to start a new church.

I have been going about my business and ministry the way I know how until I found The EMBASSY OF GOD CHURCH MODEL and I’ve been working on the social model ever since.

Now, I can be confident in reaching 100,000 youths in Abuja with my testimony for the past 15 years.

I currently run a youth center where I teach, train, and mentor young people to help them discover who they are, develop their purpose, deploy them into the world and help them grow in the Lord.

I am on a mission to fulfilling these four tasks and so blessed that you have great books addressing each of them.
By the way, I am a book addict have implemented everything I have read from your books. Your books will outlast the 300/500yrs impact you have talked about. I will definitely be a major distributor of the books as I put the systems in place to achieve what I want as my part in your network.

Sir, I believe you are the MARTIN LUTHER KING JR OF OUR GENERATION (not trying to blow your trumpet in any way). It is a privilege to come from the same part of the world as you. I am among the secrets mercenary like DADDY FREEZE that God has raised for the new move of Idol smashers and temple cleaners.

I currently use social activities to reach out to various communities and states. However, I intend to start a countrywide speaking tour to 12 major universities and the communities around them with the message of the kingdom wrapped in VALUES, PRINCIPLES, LAWS, AND SYSTEMS. I call the movement ‘THE EMPOWERED PEAK PERFORMER WITH IFEANYI OBUEFI, FOUNDER & PRESIDENT (ORGANISED BY FRIENDS FOR LIFE FOUNDATION).

Funding to undertake such a project is extensive, but thanks to your book “How To Find Money For Your Dream”, which played a big role in my new plan,
I am currently working to get sponsors who have shown lots of interest in my proposal to sponsor my radio program but I also plan to use my own savings from various businesses.

My mission to reach 100,000 youths will then be easy because my foundation is focused on empowerment. We will support them to be all they can be as they find their place in the KINGDOM MANDATE. (LOTS OF MY PROTÉGÉES ARE MUSLIMS)

So, sir, it will be an honor to keep on with you and the mission you are sent to bring to NIGERIA which is a gateway to AFRICA.

This youth mission is strategically positioned for the 776 LOCAL GOVERNMENT NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN YOUR PLAN. I have keyed into it with my own customized programs. I hope to share this with you someday.

Finally, I believe God wants me to work strategically with my experience as a former soldier, to do the underground work, as you do the overhead work.

Dr. Sunday, thank you, thank you and thank you so much.

I love so much and I’m your blood brother who is already sold out to ensure this GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM IS PREACHED FROM NIGERIA TO THE END OF THE WORLD



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