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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Billy Joe Daugherty, Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, OK

Sunday Adelaja is a leading figure, not only in the Ukraine, but in the world. He has a spirit of faith driven by his compassion for people. The word he speaks is one of authority!

Dr. Wendell Smith, The City Church of Seattle, USA

I know of no Minister around the world that is more unique and influential than Bishop Sunday Adelaja. I count him as a wonderful friend in the Kingdom and pray God’s divine protection and direction over his dynamic ministry. The supernatural principles of this book are radical, controversial and life changing. They will make ministers of the Gospel reconsider their place and calling in ministry. Our minds will be stretched and our concepts will be challenged, as they should be, for more effective 21st Century ministry, and preparation for the coming of the Lord.

Don George, Calvary Church, Irving, Texas

Kingdom leaders expand our spiritual horizons and cause us to see the world from God’s perspective. Pastor Sunday Adelaja’s classic book, Maximum Impact, challenges the reader to trust God for the resources required in order to bring societal transformation. In your quest for maximum spiritual growth, this invaluable book will change your life forever. Read it now and reap a lifetime.

Eddy Leo, Pastor, Abbalove Ministries, Jakarta, Indonesia

Sunday Adelaja’s ministry inspires people all over the world. For those who live where Christians are persecuted, we are encouraged to see God quickly bring a nation from religious repression to freedom of religion and democracy. We are inspired to see God use a pastor to bring national transformation. Thank you, Sunday, for providing hope and for setting such a bold example.

Pastor Stan Toler, Trinity Church of the Nazarene

Pastor Sunday Adelaja has been mightily used by the Lord to transform his society for Christ. In his book, CHURCHSHIFT, he teaches how one can learn how to take full responsibility and begin to climb the ladder of true greatness in life. If you desire to live at the highest possible leadership level, then this book is a must for you.

Kenneth C. Ulmer, D.Min., Ph.D.Presiding Bishop, Macedonia International Bible Fellowship

Some are called to churches. Some called to cities. Sunday Adelaja has a fresh word for the nations! His experience with the Lord, his compassion for people and commitment to the Kingdom make Sunday Adelaja a World Class leader with a World Class vision to build a World Class army to change the world for Christ. If you desire to have a SHIFT in your life, this World Class book is a must for you today. Read and reap benefits for a lifetime.

Peter Lowe, Founder and CEO, Get Motivated Seminars

Sunday Adelaja is an indisputable success in his family, in his church, in his nation… This book will help you grow personally and spiritually. Read it and SUCCEED!


Pastor Sunday is a young old man: young because of his age of less than forty years old, old because at such a young age he has known what old men like me know and has been able to accomplish what many old men like me have not been able to do.

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