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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
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Am I ready to be a husband?
7 Tips To Self-fulfilment In Life
How to transform and build a civilized nation
Moses generation vs Joshua generation: Only true values can guide a generation
No One Is Better Than You
Problems Your Shortcut To Prominence
A Man or a MouseA visionless life is a meaningless lifeAm I ready to become a wife?
Church – The Breeding Ground For Saviors And DeliverersChurch Shift: Revolutionizing Your Faith, Church, and Life for the 21st CenturyCould you be the Abraham of your nationCreate Your Own Net Worth
Damaged by Religion, Path to HealingDiscover The Source Of Your Latent EnergyDiscovering the purpose and calling of nations: National Greatness Starts From Here …Do not Spend the Money You do not Have to Buy What You do not Need to Impress People who do not CareDon’t eat tomorrow’s food todayDon’t Touch Me, I’m Hurting!
Excellence – your key to elevation
False and True Understanding of LoveForget about Passion. Obsession is Supreme.
Hello! I am searching for problemsHow Africans brought civilization to Europe: Discover the phenomenal role of Africans on all continentsHow Every African Nation Can Become a First World NationHow The Church Creates Economic RecessionHow the Church Creates Economic RecessionHow The Nigerian Economy Can Overtake The American EconomyHow to be in the Here and NowHow to Become a Developed Nation Through The Dignity of LabourHow To Become Great Through Time ConversionHow To Build a Secured Financial FutureHow to Build Friendly Relationship with Your ChildHow to create core values in a childHow To Find Money For Your DreamHow to get what you need in lifeHow to keep your focusHow to live an effective lifeHow To Make Nigeria The Greatest Country In The WorldHow To Overcome The Fear Of DeathHow To Regain Your Lost YearsHow to Transform a Nation Through the Power of FaithHow to Turn Everything Negative to PositiveHow to win in life
I Am A Person. Am I A Personality?Insulted By Ungodliness: Raising a generation of the provoked in every nation
Kingdom First Church SecondKingdom of Sons
Ladies Forget about Marriage, Build your LifeLife Is An OpportunityLife is predictableLife’s greatest secret – my greatest discovery in life
Money Won’t Make You Rich: God’s Principles for True Wealth, Prosperity, and SuccessMoney, Riches, WealthMyles Munroe – Finding Answers To Why Good People Die Tragic and Early Deaths
Nigeria and the Leadership Question: Proffering Solutions to Nigeria’s Leadership Problem
Olorunwa: Portrait Of Sunday Adelaja – The Roads Of Life (Paperback)Only God Can Save Nigeria: What a Myth? (Paperback)Only God Can Save Nigeria: What a Myth?
Pastor face your callingPoverty Mindset Vs Abundance MindsetProcess Is As Important As The Result: Process Is The New Result
Raising the next generation of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: … how to convert your inner energy into tangible productsRid yourself of shallow-mindedness: Create solutions for your world
Stop blaming what you lack!Stop looking for a job: joblessness is a blessingStop Working for Uncle SamSystem Building: The Key To Resolving Every Problem And Attaining Every Goal
Team building skills of JesusThe Beauty of Nigeria’s DiversityThe Church, An Instrument To Subdue The EarthThe Creative and Innovative Power of a GeniusThe Danger Of Monoculturalism In The XXI CenturyThe death of nations. Why countries fail.The Elijah ChallengeThe essence and value of lifeThe Jesus You Never KnewThe Kingdom Driven LifeThe Kingdom of loveThe Law of DifferenceThe Mountain of Ignorance: The Greatest Problem of Man is Not Sin or Satan, it is IgnoranceThe Nigeria Economy: The Way Forward: Taking Nigeria from economic recession into global economic dominance.The Nigeria Economy: The Way Forward: Taking Nigeria from economic recession into global economic dominance.The Plague of SilenceThe power and force of discipline for transforming lives and nationThe Secret of FruitfulnessThe sin of irresponsibilityThe Value Driven NationThe Veritable Source of EnergyTruth, Non-Truth and Lies
Understanding And Overcoming MasturbationUnderstanding God
What Do You Do With Your Time?What Miracles Will Not Do For YouWhen to pray, when not to pray, and when to stop praying: How your prayer can be effectiveWhere are the heroes? Let heroes Аrise!Where There is Problem, There is MoneyWho Am I? Why Am I here?: How to discover your purpose and calling in lifeWho Will Attend Your FuneralWhy am I unlucky?Why Does God Take From Those Who Don’t Have And Give To Those Who Have?Why Losing Your Job Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To YouWhy You Must Urgently Become A WorkaholicWork is better than vacation, labour better than favour
Your greatness is proportional to your trials, crises and tribulations!Your tomorrow depends on the actions you take today
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