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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

How To Find Money For Your Dream

How to Build a System that Would Finance Your Calling

How often do you hear such phrases as: “I would really like to do this, but I do not have the money,” “I would definitely have succeeded in life, but the situation surrounding me wouldn’t permit me.” All these phrases reflect the general problem of most people in this world and the reason why many cannot start fulfilling their dreams: people are prone to be limited by their resources and available means, as well as the problems and situations in which they live.

This general problem keeps people’s dreams on the launch pad throughout their lives. All through their life, people have embraced the philosophy that they have to “overcome” their lack of resources, which in their opinion is the only way to achieving their dream or to even start it.

A lot of people on our planet live in constant expectation of more resources or some form of miraculous breakthrough. They expect an initial capital for their own business, higher salaries, a Green card to move to the US, family inheritance, favourable circumstances, help from relatives, friends … and some – in anticipation of a miracle. But indulging in vain hopes is the most effective way to “kill” a dream right from its very inception.

In this book, you will find other stories of people known to all of us who have risen from the very bottom and have achieved outstanding success. They did not have all the resources that they needed as we all mistakenly believe to achieve success in their lives. We will always miss out in the opportunities that life presents if we keep focusing on what we lack. And this is the error of many people. That’s why 97% of people remain as biomasses, just a number in the “statistics” and only 3% – become great and successful personalities. As soon as you understand the golden rule of achieving a dream, nothing will be impossible for you. The main principle of realization of a dream is based on four postulates, which we will consider successively in this book.

Join the journey of reading this book and you will discover:

  1. Why do we need a dream
  2. Why you should never base your dream on what you have or don’t have
  3. Find answers to all complex situations first in your mind
  4. Why everything starts small
  5. You will never have all that you need to accomplish your dream
  6. If you have a vision, that is the sign that your dream can be accomplished
  7. Visions, dreams, ideas are heaven’s whispers to a man
  8. If you have a vision, then the resources are already available somewhere
  9. How to move from idea to products
  10. How to find money for your dream

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