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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Kingdom First Church Second

My friend, have you not wondered why it seems the church is losing relevance on earth? Does it not bother you that the church is fast becoming obsolete in this ‘jet age’? Do you not stop to wonder why not so many Christians are inventors and innovators in the world today when the Bible said that ‘deliverers’ should come from Zion? Is it not a matter to ponder why the church seems to be immune or excluded from solving societal problems?  Don’t you think it’s time to stop and ponder why the church seems to be an exclusive club for saints and not a clinic for sinners and the lost?

This book will answer these questions and why they even happened to be points of concern in the first place.

I wrote this book to clear up the man-made confusion and ignorance of trying to make the church the central focus and pursuit of Christians. By the end of this book, your theology and viewpoint about the place of the church in the plans and purpose of God must have been thrown away.

We are the problem; man has made the church the absolute and made the Kingdom relative in comparison and in function – that right there is the problem and until that impression is corrected the church will keep dwindling till the point of total collapse and irrelevance. So, my dear friends, that is the reason for writing this book. I want to help you clarify and correct this juxtaposition of the church in place of the Kingdom.

This book is meant to right that wrong and correct that dangerous trend the church is experiencing. I believe you will find this book very helpful in your walk with God and your participation in the body of Christ, the church.

Are you ready for a transformation?

In this book you’ll discover:

  1. Explaining the absolutism and relativism of the Kingdom and the church
  2. The Kingdom – God’s government and reality
  3. The Kingdom – God’s dream for man and the earth
  4. The place and role of the church
  5. The church is called out to be different and not secluded
  6. Church enterprises
  7. The Kingdom is supreme and unquestionable
  8. The church is created to advance the Kingdom
  9. The Kingdom will judge the church
  10. Churches come and go, but the Kingdom abides forever

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