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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Moses generation vs Joshua generation: Only true values can guide a generation

Moses generation vs Joshua generation

Only true values can guide a generation


Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the things that matter the most in every generation is leadership, which primarily is an influence. Successes and failures have always been traceable either directly or indirectly to the influence of leadership in every generation.

As a leader, I strongly believe that one of the major reasons behind the under-development of our African continent in this 21st Century is the unwillingness of the Church to take its leading role in restoring the Kingdom to the society. Like the Biblical Israelites of the Moses Generation, who failed to enter their Promised Land, we have pitched our tents in the wilderness and refused to go any further but in circles.

There is a land waiting for you to conquer and possess; a territory to take over for the Kingdom. Like Joshua, our generation is called of God to conquer new territories and expand the influence of the Kingdom to a higher horizon. You’re a person of destiny. You’re saved to save a nation; redeemed to redeem the earth to God; restored to restore the Kingdom to your society. Let’s not stop at salvation only; let’s bring salvation to our nation. We need to bring the Kingdom of God into every sphere of our society in order to overcome the darkness and restore the light. We are called to translate the realities of our kingdom life into tangible products reflecting the glory of our King and bettering the lives of others.

This book is simply an expression of my deep scriptural convictions and experience. It’s a clarion call to the sons of Issachar, who have an understanding of the times, to arise and take their place like a Joshua generation. I believe that God is changing the guards and the baton is being passed over, but are you ready to lead your generation into their Promised Land, or are you stuck with the Moses generation who are doomed to die in the wilderness though saved?

I charge you to come out of the wilderness, take your place in leading your generation into their Promised Land, and I will be showing you how this can be achieved.

In this book you’ll discover

  1. Facts about the Moses generation
  2. Understanding the Joshua generation
  3. Evil doctrines of Moses generation
  4. Embracing a Joshua generation leader
  5. The mindset of a Joshua generation
  6. The attitude of the Joshua generation
  7. Loyalty is first to God
  8. The wilderness experience
  9. Discovering your promised land
  10. In what condition will death meet you


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