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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Stop Working for Uncle Sam

In this book you will learn: • How to escape Uncle Sam’s bait • Are you a ma ser or a slave of money • What is the purpose of work • How to discover yourself and add value to your life • You will earn how to escape from the slavery to salary • You will learn how to sart your life again fnancially • You will learn how not to become a slave to the employer • You will discover if you are imprisoned by your job or not and how to come out • You will learn other ways Uncle Sam’s sysem puts people in bondage • You will learn how to be truly free fnancially
So I just finished reading this book at one sitting and I am about to start reading it all over again.Dr Sunday Adelaja never ceases to amaze me with his unending depth of revelations and insights on the subject of money and finances.When I read “Money Won’t Make You Rich” by Dr Sunday I thought I had gotten it all but reading Stop Working For Uncle Sam made me feel like I have never read any book on finances before in my life.
So here is exactly my point.

In this book Dr Sunday brings about a paradigm shift, he engenders a 360 degree change in our mindset by enlightening us on the fact that our aspirations to go to school, get a white collar job and work hard till we retire in our 60s is not the peak of our potential.He brings on an entirely different perspective from what we have heard, known and being taught.The sole aim of work is not to earn a good salary and live a good life.Work is a tool for fulfilling God’s purpose for our life here on earth.


Dr Sunday through this book also enlightens the reader that slavery and slave trade was not really abolished but it was just repackaged and modified in the form of Salary, Bills, Taxes and Loans.The Uncle Sam system has designed the kind of life you should live ( otherwise called the “The American Dream”) and it is a life of bondage.It is a rat race and by the time you are out of it, you are no longer useful to yourself or to your maker.You incur student loans in order to get a college education.Afterwards you get a corporate job and you are excited by the “good salary” you are paid.

You earn money, you pay back your student loans, you pay taxes to the government, you pay bills.Through the media and adverts you are pressurised to get the latest phones, cars, electronics and jewelries.Then afterwards you get a mortgage in order to get your dream home.The summary of it all is that you are stuck.You have to keep working at a job you do not love in order to finance all this loans and expenses.You keep working till you retire and by the time you do, your creative energy is gone.You are a spent force and no longer useful to fulfill your inner dreams and desires.

Interestingly however Dr Sunday does not just paint a gory picture of the problem but He also places in the hands of the reader a sure fire and practical plan to getting out of the bondage of Uncle Sam.He gives the reader practical examples of individuals who retired at an early age ( some as young as 33) to pursue their life calling and purpose and explains the process they followed in actualising this.
In conclusion, Dr Sunday drew a great balance by stating that the emphasis of the book is not that you should not work for Uncle Sam but that you should stop working for Uncle Sam.As a matter of fact there is a lot of good in working for Uncle Sam for the right amount of time.You get trained, you gain skills, you gather capital and you build capacity.
I am delighted that Pastor Sunday wrote and released this book because based on the insights and concepts I have gleaned from this book I will be retiring from the Uncle Sam’s system in 3 years time..I have gotten the plan from the book and I am going ahead with it.WATCH ME DO IT


By Omiyale Yomi Martins

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