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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Truth, Non-Truth and Lies

And so to those of you who may be vitalists I would make this prophecy: what everyone believed yesterday, and you believe today, only cranks (someone intoxicated) will believe tomorrow.

– Francis Crick

I am about to discuss with you one of the most important but unfortunately one of the rarest topics of life.

Why would a topic be so important, yet so rare? Many are not even aware of this all-important subject of truth, non-truth, and lies. Many may be well aware of truth and lies, but not many are aware of the topic of non-truth. A lot of people are not aware that there is something called non-truth, yet non-truth is one of the major influences of life, of your life and my life.

So if something influences your life very greatly, I think there is a need for you to be aware. There is a need for you to know that non-truth exists and it is a major factor of life. In fact, will you believe it if I tell you that at the root of all deception in life is non-truth, not falsehood? Without non-truth, deception will be nearly impossible. Why? Because a lot of people are aware of lies, but only a few people know about non-truth. Many people can spot and identify lies immediately, what many people cannot identify is non-truth. Hence they are deceived.

You are going to read incredible examples of non-truth in this book and how non-truth is being used to deceive and cheat many people today. I am going to expose you to non-truths in the different facets of life. I will show you how non-truth affects your marriage, your finance, family, business, society, the church, etc.

You will be amazed at how much damage non-truth is doing in the world today. No doubt that at the end of this book you will no longer be a victim of non-truth.

The people in our world today with the greatest amount of efficiency have been able to do away with so much non-truths. In fact, they are constantly striving to eliminate non-truths from their lives.

So if you have a goal of becoming more efficient in your life, in your ministry, in your home, in your finances, then you have the right book in your hand right now.

I began the introduction of this book with a quote from Francis Crick. Francis Crick was a major scientist of the 20th century and one of the two men who described the structure of the DNA, the unit which codes and possesses all the information in our body.

What made him declare such a statement? Well, in the 20th century there was a major scientific debate around a subject called Vitalism. The major scientists in the world were divided over this topic whether there was anything called Vitalism or not. Many experiments and publications had been done on the concept of vitalism. In fact, Vitalism had a long history in Medical science; many doctors had conducted treatment of patients and diseases on the concept of vitalism.

Vitalism simply has its roots in superstition and witchcraft. It supports the idea that life is not supported by physical and chemical forces but by other forces such as spirits and demons.

It is almost unthinkable now that some scientists and doctors used to believe in such a truth. Hence if you go to see a doctor, the doctor will perform what was called blood-letting on you, trying to drain from you bad blood caused by evil spirits. It was in such procedures that one of the most famous America’s presidents died.

While the example of Vitalism is an example of a lie that stood on public stage for too long, you can imagine how long non-truth can exist and continue to deceive people unless it is found out. Many of what we claim to be true today, only idiots will believe them tomorrow. In fact, it will be unthinkable in a few years that anyone ever believed such things.

I have decided to put a lot of focus on non-truths in this book. Many of what we call doctrines, truth, church truths, etc. today are nothing but non-truths. No wonder, they rob us of our efficiency in life. They imprison us and make us captives.

Before you go on to read the chapters of this book, let me paraphrase the words of Francis Crick once again.

“And so to those of you who may be (believers of non-truths) I would make this prophecy:  the non-truths everyone believed yesterday, and you believe today, only (fools) will believe tomorrow.”

Read this book, deliver yourself and take charge of your life once again. Let no one make you a victim of non-truths.

In this book you’ll learn:  

  1. Truth makes hard choices, non-truth makes easy choices
  2. Non-truth crumbles nations and institutions
  3. Non-truth; the cause of mediocrity
  4. Life is governed by principles, not non-truth
  5. How the Church has become buried in non-truth
  6. You Belong to God, No one Else
  7. Truth is not subjective
  8. Dangers of Non-Truth
  9. Truth is Always Absolute
  10. The Truth Does Not Change

For the love of God, Church and Nation

Sunday Adelaja


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