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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

We live in a time where many people now question the essence of upholding core values which once were the bedrock for human relationships and societal development. Especially when it comes to the subject of masturbation, most people are still reeling in doubts and questioning if there is anything really wrong or harmful with this self-indulging act.

If we are going to enjoy healthy living, wholesome personalities, thriving marriages, and participate actively in positive societal transformations, first of all, we must ensure that we are enjoying real victories in our personal lives. We must be living whole lives and enjoying complete freedom.

But what’s wrong with masturbation, you may ask?

Well, masturbation is the use of sexual urges and ecstasy for one’s self alone; it is seeking to satisfy our sexual urge on our own terms, ignoring the union of a man to woman, which is God’s grand design. When most people masturbate, they have to conceive an image or picture a partner on their minds, which is equivalent to what Jesus termed adultery in the book of Matthew.

For the young and unmarried, masturbation could disfigure your personal value and interest in the beautiful institution called marriage, leading to such a noxious problem that you cannot see the opposite gender without a single thought of sex. Most people who are actively involved in the practice of masturbation will in no time lose taste for the institution of marriage. Thus, the real fight is to preserve the system God has provided for our personal satisfaction and eliminate the counterfeits that wreck the destinies of men.

One thing about masturbation is the fact that it’s very addictive in nature. It has a way of controlling and enslaving its victim the moment you taste of it for once. It will beckon on you for more, and at the same time making you weak, exhausting valuable calories of your energy. For some folks, it could go even further into creating nervousness and neurological problems. Controlling it could become a colossal menace!

I will, however, admit here that I personally suffered greatly from this practice. I also stand to be a living testimony of victory over this and other sexual addictions. It is this fact that informs me to share my experience with as many as are willing to listen.

I would like to affirm that experiencing total freedom from this bondage comes gradually through the exercise of your faith and patience, as you take essential steps towards your liberty. That is the reason I decided to outline here 20 concrete steps you need to take to break free. These principles worked for me and many others; therefore, I’m confident to make them available to you for your triumph in this area.

Thus this book you’ll find out:

  1. Reasons why masturbation is wrong
  2. How don’t let masturbation define you
  3. How to protect your thoughts
  4. How to close the gates
  5. Why the state of your mind matters
  6. How to learn to say ‘no’
  7. How to do not surrender
  8. How to use your will-power
  9. How to keep a distance from your object of lust
  10. How to guard your mind diligently

This book is available on:





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