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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Who Will Attend Your Funeral: Thoughts of Death that Will Open Up New Facets of Life for You

Have you encountered a situation where someone died, and the people around try to comfort the family of the departed by saying, as it is customary, “God giveth and He taketh”.?
Whether this person was good or evil, accompanying him on his last journey, they say: “REST IN PEACE”?

Agreeably, it is common in our society nowadays for us to make mere expressions and jokes about the cemetery and funeral, to talk about and relate lightly to this topic.
We want to simplify things, tragedy or the situations that are difficult for us to understand and try to reduce everything to a joke.

To some people, funeral or any mention of the cemetery cause unpleasant reactions, it makes them uncomfortable. Some people after reading the title of this book will think to themselves or might even ask ,”Is it worth it thinking about sad things? ” When it’s our turn to die, then we will think about WHO WILL COME TO OUR FUNERAL. “We will be there in our own time,” – We say quickly, just to get rid of the unpleasant topic and move on to something more joyful. “Why rush things and begin to think about the eternal when you’re still young, why not think about your fullness of energy and desire to live in this world?”
Some young people will say, “Is it worth saddening the already not so joyful life with sad thoughts about its inevitable end? Let those who are already at the end of their lives think about the funeral and the cemetery.” But even the gray-haired old men and women are worried about the end of their lives but mostly only in the sense that they care about buying a coffin and saving the money for their own funeral.

Yes, thinking about life rather than death is a sign of mental and spiritual health, therefore, in this book, I’m not suggesting that you plunge into the afterlife and tune in to the mystical wave of the world beyond. I do not imply that all attempts to do anything in this world – to achieve success, to build houses, plant trees, create a family, to have children –  are in vain just because we are still going to die. On the contrary, realizing the fact that sooner or later we have to face death – both we and our loved ones – should touch upon certain thoughts, which eventually should produce in us the positive changes that will make us live life in a more full and fruitful manner. You may be asking, “How is this possible?”  I encourage you to read this book to the end, and I think by the end of this book you will understand why I am suggesting that you think about, WHO WILL COME TO YOUR FUNERAL?

In this book you’ll learn:

  1. Principles of life
  2. How we waste our lives
  3. How we lose our dreams
  4. In pursuit of a mirage of this world
  5. Every one of us is responsible for his own monument to be erected
  6. Why life is given to us
  7. Every life should have a goal!
  8. Tips to know your calling and find your place in life
  9. Obstacles to your dreams
  10. Three alarms reminding of death


This book is available on:


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