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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Thank You For Exposing The Secrets Of Your Great Results

from: 09 . 03 . 20

Dear Sir,
I am grateful to God for your life and the impact you are making for His kingdom; a lesson for us all and our generation. Thank you for your love for humanity and for exposing us to the secrets of your great results in Ukraine and the world. Thank you so much.

Prior to getting to know you, I loved and aspired to be a minister of the gospel. I have been learning how to do ministry from various ministers in the body of Christ. However, when I met you, I can honestly say I found the man I want to model my life after and imitate just as Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 11:1, with no regrets. Having followed you for 2 years now, I believe connecting with you is an answer to my prayer for God to connect me with the right people and the truth that will help me walk effectively in my GOD given purpose. Through meeting you, I now have an in-depth understanding of what ministry is.

I remember you always say, “if you haven’t listened at least 200 of DSA’s massages you don’t know me yet”. I have listened to more than 200 of your messages and most of them more than twice. I listen to your messages in series (13 series now) and two complete History Makers Training(HMT) from your free access materials on Dr. Sunday Adelaja YouTube channel. I am planning to repeat listening to some of the series again but this time, in solitude at the end of this month so that the messages can sink into me. Also, I have read a few of your books, 12 books to be precise.

From the hours spent listening to you, which for me is an exciting experience, not boring at all, I can truly testify that a lot my mindset has changed and there is a definite turnaround in how I view things of the kingdom of GOD. When a person comes in contact with your massages and gets understanding, he will find it difficult to withdraw from the truth encountered; and maybe unable to go back to those religious churches anymore. This is truth in its clarity.

Firstly, I am writing this letter as my gratitude to you and to acknowledge what your teaching has done in my life. Religion is no longer a part of me. The Kingdom has taken over my life.
Secondly, for you to know that the impact you are making in Tanzania will never be hidden, just as the light will always prevail against the darkness. I have made up my mind to go intensive with your teachings as much as I can until they became flesh in me before I then step out and do the work of the kingdom. I am taking your teachings as my personal college of life.

Pastor, thank you for making your materials on YouTube available for free. Currently, I was unable to join your Millionaires Secret Mentorship group because of my financial status. I agree that most people don’t pay attention to what they don’t pay for but at least we can use the materials which are there for free on YouTube for time being.

Take for example of the HMT training on ‘How To Plan Your Life’s Goals For Next 25 Years and System Building the key to resolving any problem’, for normal professional teachers or motivational speakers, that could be a mentorship program for those who can pay a huge sum of money.

Thank you for your labor for us, you have done so much that we young generation will always be thankful to you. If someone doesn’t like you at least let him know what God has done through you in Europe and kind of ministry you have built which is kingdom church, not religion church as we see in our continent.

Pastor, you made me love pastoring, I didn’t know pastors could change the nations for God, I want to be a minister like you. Let every pastor come and learn from you. When I read your first book ‘Church Shift’ I exactly knew that this is the man I want to be like, model my life after. That passion for ministry came so strong on me again and I knew this is the exact thing I need. From there on I decided that no matter what happens in my day, I must set aside at least one-hour minimum to learn from you. And when I am not so occupied, 10 hours of my day.

It’s my dream to model what you did in Ukraine here in East Africa, knowing the price to pay. I will never forget your words that say “I am a God carrier and Kingdom imposer” I know what you mean as I follow you.

I love you DSA, thanking you and your team again.


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