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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 02 . 03 . 20

Dear DSA,
I want to thank you for releasing the book, ‘How The Church Creates Economic Recession’.

In Nigeria, there are so many things that are wrong in our society today; and the non truth messages being preached on the pulpit is also reflected in our primary, secondary schools and higher institutions. On University campuses in Nigeria, there are more student fellowships than tutorial and study groups. It is alarming that in every corner there is a business called church!

The people have been so deceived to the point that their lives are in the hands of their pastors. They cannot think for themselves any more. They eat, drink and sleep their pastor. A lot of people have fallen victim of wrong marriages due to believing and obeying instructions from these so called pastors. We really need to wake up from our slumber and begin to think for ourselves.

Thank you DSA for sharing the Truth with the world. I can truly say that I am liberated from false doctrines and religion.

In Finland, Africans open churches in the same trend as they do in Africa. Members and pastors fight one another over frivolous things. We don’t all have to be pastors to make an impact in the lives of people. There is need to reorient the way Nigerians think and process information. And also to know that working hard and working smart results in high level productivity.

All young girls are dreaming and aspiring to become pastor’s wife and Mummy GO. This is as a result of the business Gospel that falsely attracts these young women and men to aspire to become pastors too.

Thank you Dr. Sunday for opening my eyes to a life of vision. You made me realize a better and profitable way of living; and to showing love to others as well. I was once a victim, but today, thank God I am Free.

Be blessed DSA


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