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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 19 . 06 . 19


Because of religion, you could be told your parents are after you and are responsible for your failure, and you will believe it. If your mother or father is after you, why did they have to wait till you are grown? They could as well have aborted you or killed you as an infant. All those times you were eating their last meals, and they struggled to feed you, they could as well have poisoned you. Now, it took a pastor, who knew nothing about the price your parents have paid, to let you know that your mother wants to kill you, yet you believe him. You have been damaged.

You travelled overseas, to realize that family and ancestral curses wanted to kill you. You are advised not to travel home, yet you believe these things. Why did they not kill you when you were within reach. Why did they not kill you when you were a small child in the village, roaming the streets. If you think this way, you have been damaged as well.

Do not allow anyone to make you mad in the name of religion. Do not allow anyone to turn you into a sociopath. Now all your relationships have gone sour because you joined a church. You no longer have friends. You do not want to see anyone anymore. Your family and friends cannot see you. And yet, it has never occurred to you that you have been made paranoid. You have become schizophrenic. You have become delusional. Now you are a full-blown sociopath. You have been damaged by religion.

Before you joined that church, your marriage was bliss. Your husband/wife enjoyed you. Your children had your attention and enjoined every moment that you are around them. Now, they hardly see you. You roam church services like it is your full time calling.  You are busy praying against demons, while demons of television and video games are feasting fully on your children at home. Your children are becoming wayward, and this is making you pray the more and stay more away from you. Your absence is driving your partner into the hands of a strange woman/man. What you need is not deliverance; what you need is wisdom. You have been damaged by religion.

Do not allow anyone to isolate you for slaughter. Do not join people to use isolated slangs or language common to your church. That is systemic brainwashing. In order to isolate you, pastors could give you special language, signs, codes, or titles to use just among members only. You are asked to say certain words that makes an outsider feel he does not belong. You make others feel puzzled so that they can become eager to join you. You are in a cult; what you are doing is not of Christ. You are only practicing occultism. Such practices are meant to begin to isolate you into a group. Once you are committed to this group, your abuse and suffering begins.

A lot of people have been so damaged and abused that they do not recognize abuse any longer. They have endured maltreatments so much that it has become normal. Now, leaving such places for them is unthinkable. They are scared. They are afraid. They do not know what will become of them if they leave. If you are afraid of leaving any group, association or church, just know that you are in a cult. In fact, it is a major sign that you are being abused and oppressed, you are being damaged, and the journey to your recovery is far. The moment you are able to take the decision to leave, then your journey to recovery has begun. Before you can begin your journey to recovery; however, you must first make the decision to leave.

Do not be scared of curses that has been placed on people who had left; many have left that group and are still alive today. Even if no one has left yet, you can be the first to leave. You will be alive and well. Nothing will happen to you. God is your defense, and your life is hidden in God. God has not given the key of any man’s life to his fellow man. Only God can decide what happens to you and what will become of your life. Do not fear a man who cannot destroy your soul. You should fear only God who has the power to destroy both the body and soul.

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it.

Excerpts from the Book “Damaged By religion, Path To Healing”. #DSABOOKS

This book can be found on and



By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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