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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

To My Critics, African Pastors and Christians: This Is The Reason For My “Madness”. {VIDEO}

from: 20 . 08 . 17
6 Comments to “To My Critics, African Pastors and Christians: This Is The Reason For My “Madness”. {VIDEO}”
Am interested in Church Reformation
Dear Pastor Sunday, I don't think you owe anybody any explanation because you are saying the truth and the truth we shall stand together with you. Except you are scared of these charlatans and deceives. Jesus did not apologize to anyone for preaching the truth. Are you defending yourself for doing God's bid? Preach on the gospel of Christ as it is in the Scriptures and stop making explanations that are not real. The Church in Africa has been hijacked by the spirit of mammoth and pride. I LOVE YOU NOW PASTOR SUNDAY. The word of God is not done in the secret, it is openly preached by Jesus Christ and the Apostles. Don't hide anything. I am encouraged by your recent turn of events that you have started. Fear not for the Lord had sent you.
Thanks DSA.
Sir, we need this truth more than ever.
Such on this last day, only the truth shall save us. African christians mix Judaism with Christianity. Please DSA, fear not for the Lord God will protect you. You are doing the right thing.
DSA God is with you. Thanks so much

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