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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 16 . 08 . 19



– I will buy the iPhone 5 only because it is the fifth!
Well, the slogan of Apple: “We are making millions on the wish of the “hype” of the Youth” is still valid.  From an overheard conversation 

Some argue that this is the translation of the phrase Steve Jobs said: “we earn millions on the” hype of the youths”.  The correct translation, according to the version of these people, is: “Others make and sell computers as computers, we make computers and give them style and people buy them for our style. We are making millions on the creation of style.”

In this case, the meaning is not the same as in the “show – off” version. Whatever it was, the greatness of Steve Jobs is his ability to see the difference. He saw no need to sell the device itself, many companies do that. He saw the need to offer the customer the style of life that they want. Actually, Steve Jobs became what he became, as a result of his ability to discern such nuances and minor details, differences that exist in current models of computers and phones. He carefully watched the development of the computer production industry and on the basis, that he saw differences, he took the decision to add or remove a particular component, making it possible to obtain a new product. This is the law of difference!

The “hype”, we can say, that modern day industry is based on creating, the “rattles” or extras, which doesn’t make much sense. If there is a sense at all, 99.9% of users do not use all the capabilities of these devices, because they simply do not need them. The manufacturer is interested in convincing consumers of the necessity and usefulness of these things. 

“One of these will be useful for you, make your life easier, more organized!”, with this they convince the buyer, in reality knowing that many of these functions will remain untapped but this is the “hype”! It is said, that Russia, located on the 57th place in terms of standard of life, ranks first in the number of iPhones per square meter, in commuter trains during peak hours.

To force consumers to purchase on a regular basis, manufacturers are constantly improving their products, creating an artificial excitement around new models. They only engage themselves to find differences: what in this model differs from the previous one? What can you add to a new model? Thus, making minor changes, the producers manage to get consumers spend a crazy amount of money for an allegedly “new” model, which differs from the old only in some minor innovation. The market is always buzzing:

–  the latest model has been released!

– what’s the difference from the old one?

– This was not in the previous model… is the answer 

The foundation of any successful modern business is the law of difference. The philosophy of modern business is constantly adding new changes to enhance improvement. If Apple had stopped with iPhone 5, saying: “Enough!” Then Samsung or another company would have forced Apple out of the market and in the following year Apple would be out of business. It is worth adding or make the slightest changes and announcing the release of a new model, and continue to make money, like from nothing!

How much is buying a new phone (smartphone) dictated by necessity? How often are we motivated to purchase a new model of a brand by the skillful actions of the brand marketing managers, the modern monsters of business? Are we really interested in it, or is it just the desire of producers to make money on the hypes of consumers? To the question: “how often do you change your phone (smartphone)?”The respondents answered as follows:

  • I have an iPhone, and when a new model is released I immediately Run headlong and buy – 5.4%
  • I have a smartphone manufactured by Samsung, I want the fifth model, I AM USING THIS ALREADY 2 years – 8.1%
  • every six months – 2.7%
  • ONE TIME per year – 16.2%
  • every 2 years – 13.5%
  • every 5 years – 37.9%
  • I never change, all the buttons have FADED, and IT still works! – 16.2 %

The first mobile phone in Russia was sold in 1991. If you managed to be there at that time, you should remember that they were bulky tubes with monochrome displays that performed a single function: to call other subscribers. You must admit that by modern standards, this is not enough for a full-fledged phone. Today, when you buy a telephone, rarely are the buyers interested in a quality of communication. Most buyers scrutinize the functions of the devices that have gone far beyond a telephone. We’re interested in playing audio and video files, the ability to access internet, do photo and video recordings, check email, view text messages, games, and much more. The last option games, for many has become the main indicator of general functionality of a mobile device.

The same thing goes for the automotive industry: all new models of cars Mercedes, Volkswagen, etc. appear only as a result of gradual addition of new details to make minor changes. In the production of clothing – the same thing! So, business in this world is driven by difference!  Progress, the development of civilization is based on the search for and the ability to find differences, recognize the minor details, which result in a different product, and so ordinary or common things are perfected or new ones are created.

Any person who has achieved something worthwhile in this life, did so only by the law of difference, because they could see difference. Whatever you do, your priority is to do everything possible to observe what others do not see, the difference. To succeed in life, you must see what is missing in a product, what is in excess and what is lacking. Learn how to be sensitive to this kind of detail and seemingly insignificant things.

Valentin D from Kiev created a game and there is nothing like it on the Internet. There are still no equivalents to that which Valentine managed to do. What enabled him to achieve success in this area? He was looking for something that was not in other games. It turned out that his game, which, judging by the reviews of users, is still much liked until now. He achieved this success through an understanding of the law of difference. It played a key role in his life: in two years, he earned more than he could earn his entire life before his creation!

Please take very careful note of this principle: it will help you in any business you get involved in, no matter what you do. Compare two – three – four working models of your predecessors, find what is not there, add a little of your own special features and that’s it! You will be ahead of all! You will get income where someone did not see the possibility. Jean Alphonse Karr (1808 – 1890), French writer and journalist, said: “to make a living, you must work. To get rich, you must come up with something else”. To come up with something different, you must generate an idea. Even Napoleon Hill said: “Just one, only one sensible idea is what you need for real genuine success”

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it!

Excerpts from the Book “THE LAW OF DIFFERENCE”. #DSABOOKS

This book can be found on and


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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