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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Suddenly, you are exposing what you see as error in the Nigerian Church. Why are you doing this?

from: 14 . 03 . 18

Hello Everyone, recently, some Nigerian Christian Journalists came to me with questions about my messages that expose the falsehood in the Nigerian church. They asked me some questions and I gave them answers. I will like to share both the questions and the answers I gave with you my friends, fans and followers.

The questions and answers will be released in parts. Please read and share this piece with as many people as you can. I believe it will go a long way to help the truth be heard in Nigeria, Africa and all over the world.


For the Love Of God, Church and Nation!

Dr. Sunday Adelaja

Question 1.

Suddenly, you are exposing what you see as error in the Nigerian Church. Why are you doing this?


First of all, I want to address the question you asked before I give you the answer that you expect.

In your question, you started by saying suddenly”, which means all of a sudden I started exposing the errors in the Nigerian church. Suddenly is the first word you mentioned.

No Sir, It is not sudden. There is nothing sudden about the exposé that I am giving. If you have been a follower or an observer of Sunday Adelaja for a while, you would have discovered that there’s nothing sudden here. 

Furthermore, even if you have not been my follower or you have not listened to a lot of my messages, it is rather an easy thing for you to do as a journalist to find out the messages I was preaching 10 years ago or 20 years ago. All those messages are on the internet, you can find them on YouTube or on the internet in general. You will discover that what you call suddenly in the question is what I have been revealing in my messages for many years, I have never been known as someone that preaches the regular message that other people are preaching about.

I will challenge you to check out the message I preached in 2008, in Dallas, Texas when I was ministering at the RCCG ministerial conference where I was the main speaker. It is there on YouTube. Most of the issues I am raising today were raised during that time as well

So, it is in this sense that my messages are not sudden as you imply. If you also talk to ministers in Nigeria that have hosted me at one point or the other, you may ask for the recordings of the messages I preached. You could listen to those messages as well, you will find out that a lot of the concerns I am expressing now had been spoken about more than 10 years ago. 

Again, there is nothing sudden about what I am doing today. The only thing that appears sudden about what I am doing right now is that we have the Social Media Network. Social media has given me a wider expression to the things I have spoken in smaller auditoriums, which is now broadcasted to the whole world on a daily basis.  

The second factor that makes it appear sudden is the technological advancement. Previously, it was only my voice, but now there are video recordings to attest to the facts or points I am trying to highlight. There are video attestations and evidences.

What I have done this time is to increase my persuasion power of the wrong practices I am talking about. Now, people wouldn’t say I assume or just giving allegations. These things are facts, when you listen to individuals who engage in wrong practices in their own words, with their videos which they recorded by themselves, then you will see that it’s not about me coming out all of a sudden or attacking anybody. It is what they have been doing, and it is what they are still doing. I am only coming out to give shining light to those things, so the whole world would see what is happening and take their decisions.

Now, when I tell you that a prominent General Overseer is practicing syncretism by asking members to bring Coconut to Church or asking members to bring Combs to service, there are video evidences to back up what I am talking about. When I also show you how that contradicts the scriptures, it is now left for you to make your decisions after that.

The next point I want to underline in your question which I am not in full agreement with is the phrase “you are exposing what you see as error in the Nigerian church”. So, in your question, you’re making this a subjective matter. You’re making my exposé to sound like an individual disagreement that I have with the African Church.

I want to tell you that I am not the only one that sees the errors, the world is seeing the errors. Truth is constant and truth is universal. There are no personal versions of truth. It is only the people that are in the errors that can’t see it, especially people who are in Nigeria, who have been practicing these errors for so long.


All what I am talking about are not just my views or opinions. What is happening in the Nigerian church cannot stand criticism from any average systemic theologian who has not been contaminated, these practices would also expose them as errors. 

Please go to Google and type Nigerian Pentecostal Churches and read the articles written by other individuals or listen to what theologians are saying about what is going in the Nigerian Church. You will see that it is not only my view. 

Even in Nigeria, any sincere and genuine theologian that is well knowledgeable with the truth would discover that most of the practices done in the Nigerian Pentecostal churches can hold water. So it is not about my opinion, by any biblical examination, these practices are wrong, very wrong.

Because these practices are done by the so called fathers” is perhaps the reason why people are not questioning the wrong practices of Churches in Nigeria. The things I am addressing are fundamentally wrong and are not Christian practices.

There is something we refer to as the Christian creed of faith, which contains the fundamental values that Christians believe all over the world. All Christians in the world live by this creed. Unfortunately, most churches in Nigeria don’t have a creed or do not practice the creed of faith. The activities of many Nigerian churches are direct opposites of the values in the creed.

Churches that don’t follow this creed are called cults. Churches in Nigeria have their own doctrines and individual beliefs which are not in tandem with the universal creed, which qualifies them as neo-paganistic, glorified shrines, not churches of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, to answer your question as to why I am doing what I am doing. The church in Nigeria has been compromised, we are now being deceived to think that what we have is a church. It could be a church but not a Christian church, Nigerian church has been greatly deceived to believe they are worshiping the Christian God. But No! You will easily discover this by using the scriptures, or the creed of faith or even basic Christian theology to judge the practices in the Nigerian church. You will discover that we have erred so much away from the truth. Even the Catholic Church that is often criticized are more Christian in their practices than the Pentecostal church. 

This is why I am doing what I am doing.

Question 2 is coming soon..

Please share this message and leave your comments bellow!


2 Comments to “Suddenly, you are exposing what you see as error in the Nigerian Church. Why are you doing this?”
Sir God will continue to strengthen you I have gained a lot from your teachings
Sir may the Lord almighty bless u more ad more. They think they can fool GOD Thank u sir.

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