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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 04 . 02 . 16


…Unfortunately, many teachers have led the body of Christ astray by teaching that if Christians would give, that will bring prosperity to them. Some even go to the extent of saying that the more you give the more prosperous you become. Well, experience and reality has shown that that doctrine is not totally true. Some have given and out given themselves, leading them to poverty and wretchedness rather than prosperity and abundance. Regrettably, the scripture upon which this principle has been based is Luke 6:38

Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”

That scripture was actually talking about judgment. It says we should not judge people, because if we do we get several folds of the judgment we are giving out ourselves. Many have now made it to look like it is talking about money. Even though there might be some truth in that principle, but when it comes to money, you don’t just give and give hoping to prosper.

Other Christians sad enough are still waiting for when the wealth of the wicked will come to them. Yes, even though there is a scripture that talks about that, but the truth is, that is also taking the scripture out of context. The wealth of the world will only come to you if you are good enough in what you do, because the Israelites were good at what they did in Egypt before the wealth of Egypt came to them.

Secondly, the wealth of the world will only come to you if you produce better products than your competitors, that is when you are a good representative of the kingdom of God and God will honor you for that

Thirdly, for any wealth to come to you, you must be busy producing either goods or rendering services. If you are only claiming promises, you will end up been disappointed at the end of the day.

For Christians to begin to enjoy the blessings of prosperity and wealth, it is high time for churches to begin to teach and educate their members, not just on how to give and sow seeds, but also in how to produce goods and services. There is no prosperity without goods or services.

4. Money does not come to you because you name it and claim it.

After naming and claiming, you need to show diligence in your work. You need to show the virtue of hard work. You need to display your dedication to the principle of dignity of labor. For money to truly come to you, you must go ahead to prove your obedience to some other laws of money. Naming and claiming will not do it.


Here I wish to begin to give you some appetizer on the laws of money. Let’s start the journey:


This is the First Law of Money that I wish to expound with you today. The first instinct of uninformed men when it comes to money is to spend it and that is the proof that they are uninformed. It is also a proof why they will never really become wealthy. Some people even say, what is money meant for, if not to be spent.

People who understand money and its laws will tell you that when you are given a hundred dollars, you are only permitted to spend a hundred dollars when the original hundred dollar has made at least three times its original value. So if you are given a hundred US dollars and you have not found a way to multiply it or put it to work, such that it will produce for you three hundred dollars, you are not entitled to spend the original hundred dollars. If you do that and indiscriminately spend the money that comes to your hand, it shows that you will never really become wealthy.

Many people tell me, how then do I pay my bills and meet my needs? To the informed that is easy; out of the hundred dollars that came to your hand, put thirty dollars to work such that in the next few months, maybe a year or more, that thirty percent keeps on working for you. Because that hundred dollars keeps on working for you, it is returning the original hundred dollars and more to your pocket. I am talking about increase and multiplication.

To be continued with the following point:

  • How many become slaves to the rich
  • More laws of money


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja

12 Comments to “THE LAWS OF MONEY. (Part 4)”
Very revealing and insightful. Its something every Christian should know. Thanks Pastor for sharing
Just the TRUTH on GIVING.Subtle messengers take advantage of the ignorance of men. Motive for Giving is LOVE not to get!
Pastor Sunday does not intend to disapprove God's law, I perceive his intention is to protect Christians from incomplete truth about prosperity... You may do well to read his book titled " money won't make you rich" Then you will get the whole truth about prosperity, money and reason why God prospers...
"Giving" proclaimed by Jesus in Lk 6 : 38 should not be perversed as "judgement" This is becos Jesus taught manythings in Lk 6 : 37-38 which were but not limited to : 1. Judgement, Judge not Reward : Ye shall not be jugded. 2. Condemnation, Condemn not Reward : Ye shall not be condemn 3. Forgiveness, Forgive Reward : Ye shal be forgiven 4. Giving, Give Reward : it shall be given unto you To equate "Judgemnt" in Vs 38 as "Giving" in vs 38 implies that Judgement means Condemnation, forgiveness, Giving and other teaching Jesus gave in same Lk 6 which includes blesings(vs21-23), Woes (Vs24-26) etc. Yes we understand that one scriptural verse can be applicable in other aspects of life but the truth remains that Vs 38 was strictly about "Giving" not "Judgement". If it can be applied to "Judgement", good but we shouldn't discredit its original application which is "GIVE". No wonder the apostles reminded themselves in 2Cor 9: 6 "Remember, he that soweth sparingly shall reap sparingly and bountifully, bounty" The overall aim of Christian Giving is "LOVE". Giving with the mindset of receiving corrupts the original intent of Giving. There's dignity in labour and there's blessing for an obedient generous giver. Let's not teach another gospel, elevating the laws of men above the laws of God. I believe in a balance gospel which is a gospel that teaches the whole(full) counsel of God without bias... Thank You, Sir...
@Chidon, I agree with you 100%…Pastor Sunday should not elevate his own laws of money above the laws of God. That scripture is not talking about judgment in any way. The overall aim of any genuine Christian Giving is “LOVE”. Giving with the mindset of receiving corrupts the original intent of Giving. There’s dignity in labour and there’s blessing for an obedient generous giver. Let’s not teach another gospel, I believe in a balanced gospel which is a gospel that teaches the whole(full) counsel of God without bias… Thank You, Sir…
I love pastor Sunday adelaja BUT i also agree that this isn't Balanced. The laws of God Cannot be exchanged for basic Common sense. I believe that God rewards cheerful givers. I hope this Blog is really his.... Kinda doubt
Pastor just gave an insight into some imbalance in doctrinal teachings going around. I tend to agree with him on his opinion. My argument is not based on weather it's judgement or not but the perverse ways in which the verse is used sometimes . Yes, giving must be done out of love but a giving that enriches the minister of God and impoverish the members is not permitted .
Thank you for that trueful illustration, l will LOVE to get your teachings in my. Email box: goyepgm@yahoo.
Thank you for that trueful illustration, l will LOVE to get your teachings in my. Email box: goyepgm@yahoo. Try to teach a balance Gospel please
Thank you for your interest sir, Please just subscribe from the home page and you will get letters in your mail every week. Blessings!
Scriptures are given by the inspiration of God and are revealed to further strengthen our walk with God. Both perspectives of Luke 6:38 are valid, however scriptural understanding and contextual use also do matter in defining a message. This is why we often pray for the Holy ghost to interpret his word to us so we can all be a common platform for the complete equipment of man for his work on earth. The use of the word "mete" too in the finite part of the verse is valid to suggest judgmental context! In my opinion, very many times we have often isolated certain verses of scripture to buttress our points without actually and genuinely following through to get the message of the verse by understanding the precedence of that verse. It is important to confirm the context of a verse by tracing its origin. For example Philippians 4:19 is a popular scripture that has been taken out of context. if a bible student does not take time to understand that the said scripture was an offshoot of the liberality of the Macedonian church, all men would pray it without employing giving in hard times. The widow who gave a faden gave her best of all that she had out of love for God but others used volume but not the heart of love as a yardstick to giving hence Jesus Said " the old lady gave the highest. Christianity is a heart bound lifestyle. Context is important is scriptural references and alignment of scripture to message also demands proper trace of fitness alignment. Thank you Pastor Sunday and thank you brethren. May God reveal himself more and more to us on all spheres in Jesus name.
The bible is not a book that is supposed to be interpreted from our canal mind but after reading ave to realise that this interpretation was based on Pastors canal mind. that quotation is NOT talking about Judgement. Pastor's interpretation is fictitious and misleading. The Ultimate aim of christianity is Love and out of that we give. I wonder if the is Actually for Pastor. Kudos to his Financial Advice but i see it as a little misleading because if i follow i wont even cater for my Parents and siblings not to talk about helping the poor and the needy.

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