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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

The Winners’ Chapel Exploitation Camp

from: 12 . 08 . 19


Calvary greetings Sir,

I write you this day after following you on Facebook and your YouTube channel for over a year now and still following. I pray that someday I will be privileged to be part of the HMT.

Sir, I need your fatherly spiritual advice and opinion on some steps I’m about to take towards starting my ministry.

God called me in the year 2007, July to be precise. I have been a full time pastor at Living Faith Church under Bishop David Oyedepo, but now, the urge to leave and start the call of God on my life is becoming more real to me.

God Himself instructed me to become your mentee, and also had a prompting to follow Reverend Sam Adeyemi though I’m not as addicted to him like the DSA family. To the glory of God I have been able to replicate some of your teachings and impact it into people’s life and change their orientations. Sir, my passion is to teach Kingdom principles, and the love of Christ and empowerment.

This is my plan sir, I am on the verge of relocating to Australia to do some studying and work for a period of time, while also planning towards my ministry assignment. I believe God is actually leading me to Ibadan city in Oyo state western Nigeria. It is necessary for me to work in order to raise some funds because with the terms of work and remuneration under Bishop Oyedepo, it is difficult to start up any kind of business or independent entity.


1. Sir, we are not well paid. An entry level of a graduate pastor in Living Faith Church is N55, 250. This is an all-inclusive package.

2. After pastoring for 5yrs my salary is N65, 000

3. Accommodation is deducted from our salary (which is 20% )

4. Tax and other deductions bring my salary to N49, 800 monthly.

5. I am married with 3 children, the inflation rate in the country is alarming.

6. Most of the pastors cannot afford children school fees and other basic amenities of life. We have to depend on members sowing seed into our lives in the name of prophet offering which is not my idea of ministry. I want to do ministry the way you do ministry and show people love and care after the order of Jesus Christ, and to empower people particularly the youth instead of them wasting away in the name of waiting and seeking miracles.

7. Sir most of us don’t have savings, nothing to fall back on, if you are sacked the church gives you 48hrs to vacate the house which they are deducting salary from your salary, if you resign then you must be ready to vacate that accommodation immediately. So sir, if I resign there is no place to move to and no money rent another accommodation to house me and my family even when we think of how to start the ministry work. Either you resign or you are sacked you are only entitled to two months salary (terms and conditions apply)

8. No capital to start the work, even to get a small hall and other things, the registration of my ministry name is in progress.

Sir, with these and many other reasons, I’m about to disengage from this ministry by the end of May 2018 and take my destiny in my hands with the support of my wife.

Sir, in line with these that I have highlighted, I need your fatherly and spiritual counselling as a mentor and a father in the faith.

Thank you sir


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