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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

There’s no Nigerian preacher alive today who has attained the level of global influence that Dr. Sunday Adelaja operated with – Charles Awuzie

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Please don’t comment if you weren’t in ministry when CHURCH SHIFT burnt like a wild fire across the Nigerian pentecostal forest. We literally worshipped the intelligence of this prince of pulpit. All the pastors in the class of Pa Adeboye crawled to Ukraine to bring him to preach for them. I was in ministry then so I saw this first hand.

American presidents considered it an honor to take selfies with this Nigerian Ambassador and the United Nations, followed by the United States Senate beckoned on him to lead them to his God through prayer.

This global influence is beyond building big cathedrals – though he Also built one at the heart of cold Europe.

But guess what?
This great man humbled himself…

He climbed down from his exalted seat among global icons and decided to mingle with us on social media in his quest to pour himself out as a libation to the upcoming generation.

How did we treat his unusual sacrifice? You allowed your papas to lie to you about the motive of this great reformer. You completely misunderstood his strategies because you were never educated in the school of Revolution.

Your poorly educated prophets who has never been at the vanguard of any national revolution made you forget that Dr. Sunday Adelaja was actually the African at the center of the famed Orange Revolution. Little do you realize that you are missing out on ‘tapping’ into an once in a generation kind of Intelligence… The intelligence that births true change.

They amplified his minor human flaws but hid the fact that he’s a genius from you. Your papas knew that if you ever find out that DSA is one of the few extremely intelligent species alive today, you will run after him and your eyes will open to the truth and you will lead a huge revolution against their falsehood. Hence they turned your heart against him.

But God has inspired me to re-engineer your mind to re-think your perception of those he is using for the ongoing Apostolic Reformation… How come you were manipulated to see them in a negative way whereas they are paying the ultimate price to deliver you and your children from the shackles of religion which your papas and mamas placed on your hands?

Don’t you know that according to the Bible, to confirm is anti Christ and to Reform is Christ-like!
Don’t you know that you are also BORN to REFORM…. You were not born to conform.

This post is not actually about Dr. Sunday Adelaja…. But I mentioned him because he had reached the apex of success globally before joining the Reformation… This post is actually about helping you unleash the reformer in you by appreciating the reformer in others.

If you understand the energy behind driving a positive change in a generation, you will agree with that truly, There’s no Nigerian preacher alive today who has attained the level of global influence (not affluence) that Dr. Sunday Adelaja operated with.

Instead of declaring that more Nigerian pastors will build 100,000 capacity auditorium like our Brother Enenche, can we now start desiring that more Nigerians should lead revolutions across Europe, America, Asia and more importantly Africa. Can we pray that more Nigerians should impact the world so much that everyone will notice a real shift in thinking. That’s the kind of prophetic desires we should start wishing.

Please don’t comment if you didn’t read to the end.

Charles Awuzie

South African based Nigerian & CyberSecurity Expert


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