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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Money, Riches, Wealth

I am very excited to be bringing this timely truth to you, my friends. I know very few people in our world today are privileged to have the first-hand information which this book contains. This I believe has given rise to the high level of poverty in our society. We are living in a time whereby three percent of the world’s populations are richer than the remaining ninety-seven percent. That is to say, three percent of people control the world’s riches. It ought not to be so; you too can be rich.

The truth is that everyone is equally wealthy. Everyone was given the same amount of wealth at birth. I know this particular statement will be very troublesome to some people or controversial in nature. That is because we have been thought to believe differently. Most actually believe and think that God created some people to be poor. No, that is not true; if that were to be true, then God is not fair. So do you mean to tell me that you are serving an unfair God if you believe in God?

Not at all, God is fair to all. He has given equal wealth and opportunities to us all on planet earth. Why then are many poor and few rich? That is the secrets and many others we are going to be discussing in this book. I will be unveiling to you in this book how you can take advantage of the latent wealth God has given you and convert it into riches and money. Unfortunately, most of us ignore the vast wealth we have within us and continue to chase money. Hence we keep living on penury, from hand to mouth, and from paycheck to paycheck. That has to change.

If only you will read this book to the end and apply the principles in this book, you will be saying goodbye to poverty in no time. But first and foremost, you have to know and be certain of the fact that being rich or poor is not decided by fate. It is not God that decides who will be poor or rich. Does that sound like blasphemy to you? Then wait till I take you into the deep waters of knowledge and vast depth of wisdom on this topic in this book then you will see how true this saying is.

Yes, it is you, and you alone who has the power to decide if you are going to be rich or poor. The question I will like to throw at you right now is, do you want to be rich or poor? Being rich or poor is your decision to make. You cannot stand on the fence; you really have to make a decision. You can either make a conscious decision, work towards your riches or you can decide to be indifferent. That way you are indirectly deciding to be poor. The choice is yours to make.

Are you going to be rich or poor, win or lose? You decide! You have the ability to change your present financial situation around. You have all it takes to be rich for you are already wealthy. That is what I am going to be showing you in this book. If you are that person that wants to take his/her financial destiny in your own hand and control without living it to fate, then this is the book for you. If you are that person that wants to be rich, that person that is tired of living from hand to mouth, and from paycheck to paycheck, then stay with me as we dig through this timely truths together.

But if you do not want to be rich, if you are not tired of or want improvement of your present financial situation, if you are not ready to harness your latent wealth to riches, then you can stop reading this book now. Because of the timely truths I am going to be sharing in this book, if you apply them, then definitely poverty or want will soon be history in your life.

Friends, I am super excited to be bringing you this liberating and timely truth. It is always my pleasure to share with humanity the way to living a better, happier and more comfortable life. If you want the know-how, then stay with me throughout the pages of this book. Don’t read this book like just another book in your list of books to read. Read this book carefully, pay attention to the principles in this book. Apply them in your life in order for you to have the desired result. God bless you!

In this book you’ll learn:  

  1. Are you going to be rich or poor the choice is yours
  2. You can predict if you are going to be rich or poor
  3. Factors that determine if you are going to be rich or poor
  4. Money is not the determining factor for riches and wealth
  5. Money and the source of money
  6. Riches and the source of riches
  7. Wealth and the source of wealth
  8. You are already rich
  9. You are the money you are looking for
  10. Money is only a manifested form of wealth

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